Recent pair announcements Chingotto / Galan, Lebron / Paquito et Bela / Tello come to upset the balance of forces in the world Top 20.

Indeed, following these various changes, we notice that three players are at the time of writing without a partner: Sanyo Gutierrez (11), Alex Ruiz (12), Momo Gonzalez (14) and Lucho Capra ( 20). You have understood, Bela's move to the right means that we find three right-wing players, including two left-handers, and a left-handed player among those who are looking for a new teammate for the Brussels P2.

We imagine that Momo Gonzalez will set his sights on one of the players mentioned above. By all logic, it should be Alex Ruiz, a player Momo got along very well with on and off the track. The two men also have the particularity of being both from Malaga, and many fans did not understand their separation last season.

This would therefore mean that Gutiérrez and Capra would find themselves alone. The two Argentinians could play a tournament or two together for lack of anything better, but that clearly does not seem ideal. Indeed, if he is able to play a little on the left to help out, Sanyo remains much more comfortable on the right side.

You understand, other changes are coming, and at one point or another a player from the right will have to move to the left to rebalance things. Will we be entitled to a series of changes at all levels?

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