There is not only among the gentlemen there are surprises at Ultimate Padel Tour A Coruña Open. Indeed, a duo defies the predictions among the ladies.

This duo is the one made up of Camila Fassio (Marina's little sister) and Raquel Eugenio. The two 16-year-old players, who came out of qualifying by eliminating the 2nd seed of the previas (6/4 6/1), then made short work of veterans Alicia Sejas and Vanesa Alonso in the first round: 6/1 6/2.

Behind, they dismissed the number 9 pair of the tournament, Ruiz (44) / Martinez (45), still without losing a single set: 6/4 6/4. From now on, those who are respectively in 152nd and 190th place in the FIP ranking will tackle a very big piece, the seeded 3 Talavan (26) / Rufo (25). Will the two young players be able to create a major feat in eighth tomorrow?

To follow the rest of the sixteenths live this Wednesday, it's just below:

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