Easy winners from Pablo Lijo and Alvaro Cepero for their entry into the running at Milano Premier Padel P1 (6/2 6/3), Momo Gonzalez and Javi Garrido showed big smiles in the post-match interview.

The Andalusians, who qualified for the WPT Master Final, have had a rather successful season and they seem to be having fun together, on and off the track. A good mood detected by the journalist from Premier Padel, who asked them to please the Italian public and sing Sarà perchè ti amo, the famous song by Ricci e Poveri, which we hear systematically during tournaments in Italy.

With humor, the two men took part in the game, but unfortunately for them it was not as successful as their performance on the track. Judge for yourself!

Obviously, Momo Gonzalez spent more time growing up on the football fields than in singing lessons!

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