The schedule promises to be busy for players competing in the WPT in 2021 between the FIP and World Padel Tour !

2021 in the World Padel Tour will propose 13 Open, 6 Challenger, 5 Master in just under 8 months. 19 tournaments, to which we must add the European Championships of the FIP, those of the FEPA, but also the World Championships, the Master Final, and the FIP circuit ! Without forgetting the tournaments organized by the various federations in Spain ...

Caring for very high tournament rate, which is in part due to the fact that the WPT was forced to resume a month later than in previous years because of the pandemic. Rest periods are going to be worth gold for players!

2021 calendar world padel tour

Indeed, for players like our French who compete in Challenger, the FIP Tour and international competitions, the pace is going to be just hellish ! Some are going to play one tournament a week, and they're going to have to be very fit to avoid injury...

Players still have a little over a month to keep working hard while avoiding accumulating too much fatigue for get in good shape for the recovery. In any case, for fans of padel this year promises to be one of the most intense between the WPT, the APT, the FIP Tour, the two European Championships, the world championships… We will have to have sharp eyes to be able to follow all these competitions. Fortunately you will find all the information on Padel Magazine !

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