The harsh words from the organizer of the South American tour of the World Padel Tour, Lisandro Borges, are they verifying themselves?
While the Lebron / Galan, Arroyo / Yanguas, Nieto / Lima and Alba / Perino pairs have all announced their injury withdrawals, now it's Ramiro Moyano's turn to desert the WPT La Rioja Open due to high fever.
Chance or coincidence?

A rare hecatomb

If it happens regularly that players forfeit for health reasons, such a slaughter is still rare. And maybe it's not even finished...
What credit can we give to Lisandro Borges when he makes the following comments? “A few days ago we heard that they were talking with other players to try a kind of general boycott. They offered several players to withdraw due to injury but no Argentine player agreed to participate in this madness. The other Spanish players for the most part did not want to do like them either. […] The example given by the world numbers 1 to young people is truly lamentable.”
While it is clear that players' organizations are in great demand with a 2023 calendar that is busier in tournaments than ever, only two tournaments took place at the start of the year. And so many injuries are surprising.

Diplomatic wounds?

From there to think that some players – still bound by contract to be present at the 27 tournaments planned this year by the WPT – could lighten their program with more diplomatic than real injuries, there is a step that we cannot take with certainty.
However, this is a question that arises, since the majority of PPA players – Ale Galan in the lead – prefer to give priority to the Premier Premier events, which are more profitable than those of the WPT.
Nothing prohibits being injured, a player cannot be sanctioned if he misses tournaments for this reason. And since each pair has two players, this doubles the number of potential forfeits…

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