Operated on one knee for third time in 5 years this summer, Maty Marina seems to have recovered well: enough to see him again soon on the WPT tracks?

In video posted on his Instagram account, Maty Marina shows us all the progress he has made since his operation last August! Images which are obviously fun when we know all the glitches known by the 27-year-old player in recent years.

Maty Marina hospital august 2020

In the video, this former 17th in the WPT standings continues viboras and stolen in a characteristic technical cleanliness. In the video, the 1,88m Spaniard trains on the left side as he has been playing on the right in recent years. Does he reserve a change of position for 2021?

For the time being, difficult with this video to judge the level of intensity What can the one who has come down to 71st place in the WPT standings be capable of? We can imagine that he still has a lot of work to do to find his best level. Especially since if he wants to pass to the left, he will have to be physically at the top!

In any case, these images are a pleasure and we hope that we will soon find Maty Marina on the slopes of World Padel Tour !

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