Cristian Gutierrez will share the track in 2020 with the young Agustin Gutierrez, his 20-year-old cadet! The two Argentines form a pair on paper rather complementary.

The two men are not related, just the same last name. We no longer present Cristian Gutierrez Albizu, the current number 31 in the WPT ranking, is already a legend of the World Padel Tour. The one who will celebrate his 42 years this season therefore separates from Federico Quiles, with whom the story only lasted 5 tournaments.

The Argentinian is coming out of a very delicate 2019 season, during which he will have played with 3 different partners and will not not better than 4 participations in the quarterfinals (including one in Challenger…). A year very far from the standards of a player who seems to be losing speed since his separation from Franco Stupaczuk.

To try to do better in 2020, he will have by his side Agustin Gutierrez, currently 65th at the WPT. Admittedly, his ranking is far from that of Cristian, but what explosive young player has an enormous physique and a complementary game with that of his new partner. In addition, evolving with such an experienced player could allow him to reach a milestone. In any case, let's hope that 2020 will be a better year for Cristian Gutierrez Albizu, who entertained many times with his superb hand, and which was still on top just over a year ago.

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