Juan Lebron and Ale Galan are not slowing down. The numbers 1 will play their fifth consecutive final tomorrow, the ninth final of the season.

Lebron and Galan chain a third consecutive victory against those who beat them in Denmark last May.

Like against Bela and Coello yesterday, Lebron and Galan imposed a very high pace on their opponents, who simply couldn't hold on.

Victorious 6/2 6/4, the numbers 1 continue their flawless performance in this tournament, where they still haven't lost a single set. Thanks to this success, they find Tapia and Sanyo in the final.

Tomorrow will therefore be the eighth meeting between these two pairs this season. For the moment, the numbers lead 6-2 but the Argentinians, who had been very upset after their defeat in Toulouse, should be wound up like clockwork tomorrow. We are therefore expecting a very hot match!

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