112th French player, Yoan Boronad signs with Nox for the 2023 season and is incorporated into the brand new Barcelona academy.

It's done ! The young Yoan Boronad joins the Team Nox. This new adventure will allow the junior international to grow, to learn but above all to raise his level of play with the help of the coach. Pablo Crosetti who coaches Agustin Tapia, Leo Augsburger or even Tino Libaak.

This opportunity, Yoan owes it in particular to the support of Kristina Clément et Adrien Maigret, French representatives of the brand, who made its integration possible.

Yoan Boronad and Adrien Meager

We have already talked about that, la Nox Future Academy has made it its mission to train players of padel from the future. It is inspired by sports projects such as the Rafa Nadal Academy or even La Masia, the famous football training center of FC Barcelona. Yoan integrates more than an academy but a family that will allow him to train with the best players in the NFA. It's a real bet on the future for Team Nix.

It should be noted that this season, Yoan Boronad will play with the AT10 luxury Genius ATTACK 18k 2023, recently tested by Stéphane Penso.

AT10 luxury Genius ATTACK 18k 2023 Nox
Vincent Gallie

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