The craze for le padel continues to grow in France, and with it, the multiplication of dedicated centers, whether managed by associations or private entities. To respond effectively to growing demand, these establishments are equipping themselves with software and technical solutions allowing them to satisfy their customers and facilitate their management.

We are pleased to present to you a rigorous selection of the best solutions padel available on the market, for a service that meets players’ expectations.


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Available in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France, Racketscore is an application designed to optimize the monitoring of sports competitions and friendly matches.

This intuitive tool allows you to easily count points and produce detailed statistics of your matches. At the end of the game, you will receive a complete summary table, ready to be shared on your social networks, allowing you to connect your sporting performances to your online community.

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Anybuddy positions itself with à la carte sports applications in France. This innovative platform simplifies the reservation of sports grounds, offering the possibility of finding and reserving a playing space in just a few clicks, anywhere in France.

For a club of padel, adopting Anybuddy turns out to be a formidable strategy to boost the number of reservations from outside. The platform provides access to a vast community of more than 250 players, thus offering exceptional visibility and opportunities for new influx.

Clubs benefit from more advanced features to optimize their management:

  • Maximize court occupancy and generate additional revenue without the need to actively seek out new players.
  • Maintain complete control over operations : select the courts and schedules made available on Anybuddy at any time. It is also possible to establish reservation conditions, such as the exclusive acceptance of last minute reservations, to favor regular club members.
  • For clubs not equipped with access control systems, Anybuddy offers a secure code box device, available for free, allowing players to be welcomed with complete peace of mind at any time.
  • Additionally, both players and the club benefit from the security offered by Anybuddy's professional liability insurance, ensuring complete protection while using the facilities.

With Anybuddy, clubs padel have in their hands all the assets to boost their activity and expand their clientele, while ensuring efficient and secure management of their space.

Find out about Anybuddy's website.

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Sports Management

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This software created and developed in France by an aficionado of padel, Loïc Tap, has become a benchmark for club leaders. This all-in-one tool has full functionality while being very easy to use.

The interface is customizable to adapt to its own structure and allows easy management of booking slots, among others.

Website : Sports Management

TPC Match Point

TPC Match Point is considered a complete software in the market. This Spanish application, present in more than 20 countries, adapts as much as possible to the needs of each club and all players in the field (manager, coach, players, etc.) can find what they are looking for.

More information on TPC Match Point website.


Doinsport is a complete solution to meet both the needs of club managers and padel but also to those of the players through a personalized club application.

Today the biggest names in padel French people trust them: All in Group, Mouratoglou, Big Padel, Padel horizon, Padel Arena, OS Sannois…

Their main mission is to optimize club management by automating crucial aspects of daily life: online reservations and payments, partner search application for players, online store, cash register and management of autonomous fields and lighting .

Since its creation in 2016, Doinsport has become a reference software for football clubs. padel wishing to offer a quality experience to their customers before, during and after their visit to the club.

Feel free to contact the Doinsport teams.

Sport n'play

Sportn'play is revolutionizing the world of amateur sport thanks to fully customizable technology and services adapted to each need. To best meet the expectations and needs of center managers and players of padel, Sportn'Play offers real interaction both on and off the field thanks to its automated services, unconstrained connected equipment, and the management of all services in just a few clicks.


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Since 2016, when the company was created, SPASH has always been keen to co-build its strategy with its customers and players. With today, nearly 250 references, more than 700 connected fields with massive and proven use in several sportsAll in 13 different countries, the company has become a real reference in the field of video technologies dedicated to sports!

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  • Tel: 06-42-08-46-13

And in the meantime, if you don't want to miss any of the company's news, don't hesitate to go to the website and the different pages: FacebookInstagram LinkedIn.


Transform your land padel with LiveXperience and deliver an unforgettable live match experience, just like on TV. Thanks to a 43-inch LCD screen for displaying the score, an immersive soundscape with referee's voice and applause, and the possibility of rewatching matches with a replay system, LiveXperience raises the level of your installations.

Strong points :

  • Live Score: Keep the score visible for everyone.
  • Match atmosphere: Sound system that mimics the experience of major tournaments.
  • Match Replay: Analyze and relive key moments.

Racket Trip


It is a unique platform and software of its kind since it is a place that brings together tennis courses, padel, beach tennis, squash, badminton, pickleball... As you have understood, all racquet sports will eventually be offered on this platform which also offers numerous tools to professionals to not only save time, but also to make their lives easier.

To find out more about this platform which will also be in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Swedish during the year, go to the showcase area before opening the beta version to the public at the end of February / beginning of March 2024.


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