Winners of FFT Padel Tour Toulouse, Charlotte Soubrié and Carla Touly hope to be able to participate in the 2023 French Championships.

Indeed, the two players who won their first P2000 this weekend and applied for wild-card to the French Tennis Federation are now awaiting the verdict.

In the meantime, they are enjoying their victory against Ginier-Pothier, especially Carla, who had never played at this level. The one who will play the FIP in Rotterdam this week remembers:

“The first P2000 I did in Toulouse was with Marianne Vandaele. We played three qualifying matches on Friday. And there, we play a match and we are in the quarterfinals, whereas I had made five last year.

From now on, the two young women are awaiting the verdict of the FFT, but according to all logic, they should be part of the pairs present for this 2023 French Championship. In a 4Padel of Colomiers which is successful for them, will they be able to create a surprise?

In the meantime, check out the interview they gave to Mario Cordero last weekend:
Amance Redondy

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