The 8th stage of Cupra Padel-Point Tour will not have left anyone indifferent, once again. A look back at this landmark edition of the biggest amateur circuit in padel in France.

If you feel like the Cupra recaps all look the same, it's because so far the circuit is performing flawlessly. If each of the editions has its charm, this edition is perhaps (in the margin from that of the Pyramids) the one that stands out the most from its sisters.

The reason ? A club located by the sea, a radiant sun and an unprecedented “line-up” of French players.


And the latter will surely have offered the highlight of the day, since people came in droves to attend the exhibition match between Bastien Blanqué (6th French), Melissa Martin (4th French), Elodie Invernon (3rd French) and Charlotte Soubrié (6th French). In other words, visitors came to see what the crème de la crème of the padel French in action.

In addition to the exhibition, it is above all to be able to take part in the “clinics” that people have come. Facing these top players is not possible every day. And all the more so in these rather unique playing conditions. As Melissa (Martin) said: “everyone had fun, whether pro players or amateurs”. That pretty much sums up the physiognomy of this fabulous day.

But what is a Cupra Padel-Point Tour without its animations? True to themselves, they will have aroused a solid enthusiasm, especially among the youngest, never stingy with energy and always fond of activities and games.

Behind, the adults were not sidelined since everyone was present: whether for the One Point Championship or for the highly anticipated raffle. Everyone wanted to leave with the many prizes at stake, but always in the good mood that characterizes the state of mind of this Cupra Padel-Point Tour.

Finally, the competition was taken very seriously by the players since, despite the late hour of the final, everyone will have given themselves body and soul to leave with the prizes awarded to the winners and to win their place for the planned Master Finals. at the Pyramids next September.

All in all, it's another successful step for the Cupra Padel-Point Tour which is really starting to make a name for itself in the landscape of padel French, and not only!

Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.