The Departmental Tennis Committee /Padel 34 this weekend organized the first departmental championship of Padel +45 and +55 (P250).

Riding on the great dynamics of the rise of padel in the department (first department in terms of classified and tracks at the national level), the commission Padel 34 wanted to promote its many competitors by organizing this great first in the competitions of padel.

“For the success of these events we relied on three tennis clubs /padel very dynamic in the Hérault. TC De la Vière in St Thibery (5 indoor and 4 outdoor tracks) .Tennis Padel Mauguio (4 outdoor runs) and ASPPT Grammont (4 outdoor runs)   

The matches were very well organized and the men's and women's finals of high technical quality. “

2021 Herault 45 55 departmental 2021


Champions of L'Hérault +45 Padel 

Ladies: Maulet Christine and Ilardo Nathalie (TC La Vière)

Men: Laune Daniel and Huchard Sébastien (Tennis Padel Club Palavas)

Vice champions of Hérault +45 Padel 

Women : Daniau Sabine (tc La Peyrade) and Verdier Céline (TC St Bauzille de Montmel)

Men: Leroy Vincent (ASPPT Montpellier) and Michalet Jean Marc (Tennis padel Palavas club)

Champions of Hérault +55 Padel

Herault Champions 45 55 2021

 François Lorenzo / Jean Philippe Jodard (Tennis Padel Palavas club)

Vice champions of Hérault +55 Padel :

 Olivier Génelot (ASPTT Montpellier) / Christophe Igounet (TC Teyran)

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