Loïc Tap, founder of Sports Management, reveals his tips for attracting new practitioners to your club.

The growth of a sports club depends largely on its ability to regularly attract new players. By following these tips, you could see your memberships increase significantly.

Tip 1: Engage your current members

  • Invite your most loyal members and players to bring outside people for a trial session. This will give them an insight into the atmosphere of your club and the services you offer.

Tip 2: Harness the power of social media

  • Share videos and photos regularly of your club, your events and your fulfilled members. This content will show how welcoming your club is and help create a positive image.

Tip 3: Be visible online with a professional site

  • Opt for a website which reflects the values ​​and identity of your club. When enthusiasts are looking for a place to practice their favorite sport, they can easily find your club by typing, for example, “sport + [name of your city]” into the search engines.

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