Visiting in Chile under Pala Tour Fest, an exhibition tournament, Juan Lebron grants an interview to Chilean media “El Deportivo”. The Wolf talks about the development of padel in Europe, and its screenings with Ale Galan.

Le padel is unstoppable

“I started competing in 2003 when I was eight years old. From there I saw it was a great sport and until today, I could see great progress. There has been a great evolution, if we look at the fields where we played before and now. But I would like to see more players in other countries. In Spain and Europe, the padel is already established, being a king sport in many regions. I would like to see players, from an early age, wanting to be a world reference. Today there are four, five or six countries leading the way. ”

“If you compare with today, the difference is abysmal. But it is likely that in the future what will appear will also be different from what we see today as the world moves forward. This sport is an unstoppable phenomenon, which will reach and reach points we never imagined.”

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No. 1 at all costs

“Since I started playing padel, my goal has always been to be number one. It will continue to be, because my ambition is to stay at the top. I will continue to work and fight for it. If I have to compare myself to Fernando Belasteguin, who has been number one for sixteen years in a row, it will be a little difficult. I would love to do it, but I'm going little by little. I don't think of challenging everyone, I think of challenging myself. This is the best challenge I can take.

We meet with Ale Galan and the team to see the goals, what we need to improve and what we need to do based on what we think. With Ale, we have a great team, who always supports us in what we want. We are very happy. We are entering our third year together and I have never had a partner for so long. It's a big challenge.

For now, I want to keep projecting myself with Ale. I don't think we'll ever hit our ceiling. It's a ceiling that has no ceiling. ”


WPT Video - Hurricane Lebron and Galan!

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