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This file is divided into three sections : one dedicated to understanding phase, another intended forexplication (in two stages), and finally a last one dedicated to the conclusion so as to provide complete guidance. Here we go for the third part.

The grip

The importance of grip should not be underestimated padel. If the grip is too thin, you risk holding the racket too tightly, which can lead to arm injuries in the long term. On the other hand, a grip that is too thick can compromise the control and maneuverability of the racket.

It is therefore essential to determine the appropriate grip size for a grip that is both comfortable and effective.

Unlike tennis, tennis rackets padel are not available with varying grip sizes. Therefore, it becomes fundamental, by combining common sense and experience, to find the ideal size by adding one or more layers of overgrip, in order to achieve total grip.

Another option to customize the grip size to your needs is to use a 3D grip or undergrip. These revolutionary products are developed with the aim of preventing muscle, joint and tendon injuries during the practice of padel. The vibrations generated by contact with the ball can have harmful repercussions on the arm, hand, wrist, shoulder and particularly the elbow.

In this case, you must remove the original grip all the way to the bottom of the handle, then add the silicone grip or undergrip before putting an overgrip on top. These are available in different thicknesses and patterns, allowing you to experiment to find the optimal grip that meets your preferences. There are many advantages to integrating this type of accessory.

Injury prevention : by absorbing microvibrations, it significantly reduces the risk of muscle injuries.

Playing comfort : it ensures a more pleasant gaming experience by dampening vibrations and minimizing muscle fatigue.

Recovery : thanks to its ability to improve blood circulation, it allows recovery after exercise to be both faster and more effective.

Adaptability : its soft and elastic texture allows it to adjust to all sleeves, thus guaranteeing a perfect adaptation.

Sustainability : Built to last, this durable product provides superior adhesion and does not easily deteriorate over time.

Reusable : it can be easily removed to be installed on the handle of another racket.
In addition to contributing to all these aspects, they provide an increase in weight at the handle of the racket, which balances the overall weight and improves the movement of the racket during the swing.

Finally, to finish on the grip, some snowshoes padel are made with an extended handle to allow players to perform two-handed backhands, or to have a more pronounced kick effect on the smash, which can be useful for obtaining more stability and efficiency when striking the ball in certain situations.


Overgrips, also known as overgrips, are accessories commonly used in racquet sports to improve grip.

They are designed to be wrapped around the neck generally over the stock grip to provide a more grippy and comfortable surface for the player's hand.

Additionally, adding an overgrip can also slightly change the circumference of the grip, allowing players to customize the fist size to their preference. This can improve comfort and reduce hand fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

Overgrips are made from thin, absorbent materials, such as polyurethane or rubber, which help trap sweat and prevent your hands from slipping on the racket.

Overgrips are available in different textures (smooth, ribbed, microporous or perforated) in order to best “stick” to the individual preferences of players.

The advantages of overgrips padel are many :

Better grip : Overgrips provide superior grip, allowing players to hold their racket more securely and maintain better control over their shots.

Sweat absorption : Overgrips absorb sweat from the player's hands, helping to keep hands dry and comfortable during play.

Original grip protection : By adding an overgrip over the original grip, you can extend the life of the original grip by protecting it from wear and dirt buildup.

Personalization : Overgrips are available in a variety of colors and textures, allowing players to add a touch of style to their gear while still enjoying the functional benefits they offer.

It is important to note that overgrips need to be replaced regularly, as they wear out over time and lose their grip effectiveness. Players can adjust the amount of overgrip used based on their grip preference and racket handle size.

Another factor to consider is that it is recommended to opt for a White color. This is because colored overgrips contain solvents which can react negatively with perspiration.

There are also two other ways to deal with excessive sweating:

The pre-soaked towel. By simply passing this towel over your sleeve and/or hand to wick away sweat, the built-in technology, infused with all-natural resin, will work to repel moisture and provide an enhanced grip sensation.
The towel, improving grip, has significant advantages for you:

  • Minimize gaming errors caused by an incorrect grip or the racket slipping in your hand.
  • Reduce the risk of injury muscles and joints of the arm by reducing the effort required to grip the racket.

You can easily adjust the desired level of grip by simply regulating the pressure exerted on the towel on the grip. In addition, it leaves no residue on the hands or the handle.

However, for those who constantly face this problem, particularly during the summer period, there is a more radical approach: anti-perspiration resin, which is a product that improves the grip of the racket. It is particularly useful when players sweat a lot during play, as sweat can make the grip slippery, which can lead to loss of control over the racket and affect performance.

Anti-perspiration resin, also called “grip enhancer” or “grip spray”, is generally available in compact form or in a spray bottle. It is applied to the grip of the racket (or directly to the hand) to increase grip and allow players to hold their racket better, even when they are sweating profusely.

These accessories are essential for players faced with more intense sweating.

In summary, overgrips are practical and useful accessories for padel, offering improved grip, better sweat absorption and the ability to customize the appearance of the racket. They are a popular choice among players to improve their comfort and performance on the field.

Towels and sprays represent two more extreme methods for those who truly struggle with excess sweating, a situation that can hinder good play.

Frame protectors

If you don't have a frame protector, you realize that you unconsciously become more careful, more conservative in your play, and you take fewer risks. You are afraid that your new racket will hit the grill or get damaged on the ground.

This is where pala protectors come in with a clear mission: to protect your pala and provide you with the confidence to take risks when necessary. These protectors may seem to have only an aesthetic function, but in reality, they play a vital role in absorbing a large part of the blows during the match.

With this protection, you can play more aggressively and boldly, knowing that your racket is well protected against impacts and friction. These protections offer players the opportunity to fully concentrate on their performance, without having to worry about possible damage to their precious racket.

As a result, frame guards provide a practical, effective and cost-effective solution to extend the life of your racket while improving your on-court experience. padel.

Advantages of racket protections padel.

In addition to personalizing your racket, protectors offer several benefits for both your equipment and your game. Here are some of these benefits:

Extends the life of your racket : the main reason to use a racket protector padel is to protect the frame from bumps and scratches, which helps extend its lifespan. This allows you to fully concentrate on the game without worrying about potential damage to your racket.

Vibration reduction : Some protectors can also absorb vibrations from keystrokes, which can increase playing comfort by dampening vibrations. By wrapping the top of the racket, they can make this part of the pala more compact and thus contribute to a more enjoyable playing experience.

Changing the balance of your racket : By using heavier guards, you can change the balance of your racket according to your preferences. This can impact your playstyle by providing more stability.

Adding Power to Your Racquet : if you find that your racket is too light and you want more power in your shots, using racket protections can give it more weight at the head and thus increase the power of your shots.

The only downside to using a frame protector is that it adds weight to the racket (10 to 15 grams) and can potentially disrupt your playing feel. It is therefore advisable to experiment and to find the right balance for your playstyle and personal preferences. By using the correct racket protections padel, you can extend the life of your equipment, customize your racket to your needs and improve your performance on the court.


Anti-vibration technologies are developed to reduce unwanted waves produced with each impact.

When practicing padel, vibrations are generally transmitted to the arm when hitting a ball. By placing the shock absorbers in the perforations of your racket, you considerably reduce the vibrations that reach the arm.

This approach significantly improves comfort during play and reduces strain on the arm.

Vibration reduction : thanks to this system, a significant reduction in oscillations is guaranteed, reaching remarkable levels.

Creativity : Shock absorbers provide the flexibility to change the balance of the racket. Positioned at the top of the racket, they have the potential to influence performance in terms of power, while a placement towards the handle can increase control. In addition, placed so as to frame the sweet-spot, they can widen it, or be inserted into the corners to increase the tension of the striking surface.

Sustainability : The integrated shock absorbers are designed to resist breakage. A durable purchase that can be reused every time you change your racket.

Synergy : they reinforce the structure of the racket, giving it greater robustness. The cylindrical configuration of the shock absorbers, located on either side, helps to reinforce the structure of the racket, thus delaying the appearance of cracks and breaks.

Personalization : available in various colors, the shock absorbers offer the possibility of choosing the combination best suited to the aesthetics of your racket.

The dragoness

The straps of padel are an essential safety element for players. They are obligatory by the International Federation of Padel (FIP). Their characteristic is the ability to prevent possible damage to the racket in the event of slipping of the grip of your hand, while offering protection to all participating players.

It is used to prevent the racket from falling or slipping from the player's hands during rapid and dynamic movements on the court. The wrist strap provides a better grip on the racket and allows players to play with confidence without worrying about losing their racket during play. It is particularly useful for powerful shots and sudden movements typical of padel.
There are different types of wrist straps used in padel, each with its specific characteristics.

Once the wrist strap is attached, adjust it so that it fits comfortably around your wrist. The strap should be snug, but not too tight. You should be able to move your hand freely without the strap restricting your movements.

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Various types of straps are available to meet the needs of a wide range of players.

Single wrist strap : The simple wrist strap is a basic strap that slips around the player's wrist and is attached to the base of the racket handle.
It is necessary to wrap it several times so that it adapts to the circumference of the player's wrist.

Sliding wrist strap : Some wrist straps can be adjusted in length to fit different hand sizes. This allows players to customize the level of tightness based on their preferences.

Adjustable and padded wrist strap : This ergonomic wrist strap is an adjustable strap that can be adapted to the circumference of the player's wrist. It also offers an increased level of comfort thanks to its soft material padding. This provides additional customization for optimal handling according to the player's preferences.
Removable wrist strap : unlike fixed wrist straps, these can be attached or detached from the racket depending on the player's needs. This allows for greater flexibility based on individual preferences.

Regarding hygiene, the racket cord accumulates the player's sweat over time, which can lead to unpleasant odors and also gradually damage the fibers and lead to breakages.

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