You want to build a plot of padel and you ask which are the most popular manufacturers. Here is our selection of partners.

It's not always easy to find a land builder of padel reliable, here is a selection of companies known and recognized for their good work.

France Padel

France padel draws on the expertise and industrial resources of the 1er global manufacturer to offer you in France a range of 8 types of ski slopes Padel.

From STEEL, the standard economy model equipped with post height adjustment to correct uneven ground, to CARBON, the only hyperpanoramic pitch equipped with carbon pillars to add strength and flexibility to the structure of the track.

France Padel takes care of everything, from the concrete slab to the track itself. 

Sports ground-Padel 

Established over 15 years ago, Sports ground-Padel is today a key player in the creation of sports grounds and in particular tennis courts throughout France and around the world, with nearly 500 partner clubs who have placed their trust in it. With its Qualisport certification and its ten-year guarantee, it offers remarkable security for clubs and future complexes.


KIP SPORT develops and equips the Padel from the ground up to the cover for clubs Padel all over France.

Contact the KIP SPORT account manager:

  • Bruno Martins
  • 06 25 96 19 27 / 01 64 72 47 40

100% PADEL

Your padel from A to Z with the French manufacturer of football pitches padel "100% PADEL".

With the expertise of Jérémy Scatena, several times champion of France and in the field of construction and development of padel in France and abroad, 100% padel will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project.

To know : 

Jeremy Scatena: +33 6 18 48 40 49


Univers Gazons offers trails padel "Made in France". For more than 10 years, this family company has been invested in France and internationally.

The company is located in the south of France and sets up ski slopes padel for more than 10 years in France and abroad.

Website :


EPS Padel

eps concept logo

French brand, EPS Padel manufactures all its courts in its factory in La-Guerche-de-Bretagne. In order to promote the development of Padel in France but also in other countries, EPS has designed and modeled the infrastructures necessary for its practice in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of Padel and the French Tennis Federation!

For more info on EPS Padel :


Padel Court, a French company, managed by the Bordelais Pascal Aucouturier, wishes to put at your service the excellence in technique, know-how and aesthetics acquired through years of cumulative experience in tennis in order to build your short of Padel with respect for the environment, the specifications of the French Tennis Federation, the International Federation of Padel and current European standards.

For more info on Padelshort: https: //

Padel International

Padel International is:

  • a section for the manufacture, sale, and installation of padel, of quality (we do not do “the cheap”, because we believe that “the cheap is always too expensive” ...)
  • a sports promotion section, with exhibition and passionate players like us all, from padel.
  • a section for the sale of equipment in collaboration with our partners.

In short, what to do with your project, a success ...

For more info on Padel International: https: //


Technopadel offers tracks of padel for all types of public, professional, amateur or child. The brand offers 2 types of slopes: Excelsior and Panoramic, which meet the requirements of all customers. They all incorporate a modern and exclusive anti-breakage system and a modular frame system.

For more info on Technopadel : https: //technopadel. Com /

VW Sports Padel

VW Sports is an SME established in Ile de France for more than 90 years, specialist in equipment for tennis courts, and now padel. The brand offers two types of structure, with three possible types of cover. A company recognized for the quality of its work in the world of tennis, and already appreciated for its achievements padel !

For more info on VW Sports Padel :

Xtreme Padel

Xtreme Padel is a manufacturer of padel. Recognized in Spain for many years, partner constructor land of padel du World Padel Tour during a stage in Madrid, Xtrem Padel is a unique partner for project leaders.

For more info on Xtreme Padel :

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