The FFT has communicated the names of the players who will participate in the gathering of the French team of padel May 2021, and the absence of Max Moreau among the gentlemen is talking.

The experience and the level in its favor

Former player of the World Padel Tour, present in the French team in recent years, Max Moreau is one of the best players in padel French at the present time. Some fans were therefore surprised not to see him invited to the gathering of the French team which will take place in Perpignan on May 28, 29 and 30.

It must be said that the player from the South-East showed himself rather to its advantage during the few competitions that may have taken place straddling the 2020 and 2021 seasons : WinWin P1000 victory Padel February 2020 and semi-final at the APT Padel Tour Belgium Open 2021 with Jérôme Inzerillo (defeat against Tison / Maigret), victory in the P1000 of 4Padel La Rochelle and quarter-final at the P2000 des Pyramides (defeat against Tison / Scatena) with Jean-Thomas Peyrou…

moreau inzerillo apt liege

Max moved around to do as many tournaments as possible, and his results alone could have allowed him to be part of the extended list. Especially since the players with whom he has shared the track in recent months, Inzerillo and Peyrou, will be present in Perpignan…

Controversial statements

We will therefore try to understand why Max is excluded from the France group from the preselections.

The reason is probably not sporty. Very leggy in Liège, Max has a very interesting profile for a selection. In fact, in addition to being physically strong, the Cannois is able to play left or right even if he clearly shows his preference for this reverse side.

He said during confinement: ”I can not hear people put me on the right because the others on the left are better”. Recently, he told us that he felt that there was only “3 untouchables in the French team”. These words certainly did not please everyone ...

Not supported by the players?

We can not believe that the captain of the France team made the decision alone. He certainly went around the nominees to take the pulse and see if he could take Max Moreau within this extended team.

Max Moreau played with partners present in the extended group of the France team convened next May. We think of his former teammate Justin Lopes, and his recent partners Jerôme Inzerillo and JT Peyrou… he should even have played with Yann Auradou in 2021.

Have these players been supporters in the decision-making of the coach?

service padel max moreau inzerillo

The European Championships are fast approaching, and he needs a strong team that is ready to fight. Perhaps the lack of support from his comrades tipped the scales ...

A clash at the APT Padel Liege Open Tower

His French ranking (number 34) does not really speak for Max, but that is probably not the reason why he was dismissed, since Jérôme Inzerillo is classified sixteen places behind him!

The classification does not seem to be a predominant criterion for the selectors. Simon Boissé for example, number 5, will also not be on the trip to Perpignan.

The age could have been mentioned, but here again, players older than the Cannois (34 years old) will be present at the Club du Mas at the end of May: Peyrou (37 years old), Scatena (36 years old) ...

backhand defense max moreau

What if it was the little muddle at the end of the APT semi-final? Padel Tour Belgium Open? At the end of the match won 6/4 6/4 by Benjamin Tison and Adrien Maigret facing Max Moreau and Jérôme Inzerillo, Max and Adrien clung a little. Some thoughts exchanged and in the end nothing very bad, but Alexis Salles may have preferred to avoid bringing together players who may have a dispute ...

Now it's up to you to make up your own mind about the reasons for Max's absence from the rally.

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