To adapt as much as possible to the climatic conditions of play, Nox offers an overview of their palas by dividing them into two categories: winter palas and summer palas.

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Winter palas

In winter, weather conditions tend to be unfavorable: cold and humidity penetrate the court, the ball will have less bounce and therefore the racket will have less performance. The trend is therefore towards a loss of power and speed of the game.

The materials harden and compress in the cold, so you'll have more control. Ideally, you should opt for racquets with an intermediate, soft feel, which is why Nox recommends HR3 core and carbon overlay or, failing that, fiberglass.

  • ML10 PRO CUP Luxury: Its round shape and medium balance make it the reference option for players who prioritize control and comfort on the court. Price: 299,95 euros.
Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury
  • ML10 Luxury BAHIA 12K: This racket is the ideal choice for versatile players looking to adapt to different situations on the court. Price: 299,95 euros.
Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia 12K
  • ML10 Luxury SHOTGUN 18K: A more finishing racquet that offers plenty of options on the fly without losing flexibility. Price: 299,95 euros.
Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 18K

Summer Palas

The combination of sun and high temperatures makes the racket softer. The materials expand and soften, which makes the game much faster, the ball comes out more and at the same time is more difficult to control. Don't be surprised if you succeed more easily in getting the Par 3 ball out, the good weather is on your side!

If you don't want your racket to be too soft and uncontrollable, opt for rackets with an intermediate feel and stiff materials. Nox recommends palas with cores that provide hardness such as the multi-layer MLD Black Eva.

  • AT10 Luxury GENIUS 18K Alum 2024 by Agustín Tapia: It stands out for its hybrid design, between round and teardrop shapes. This particularity gives it unique versatility, allowing both aggressive play at the net and precise control in defense. Price: 324,95 euros.
AT10 Luxury GENIUS 18K Alum 2024 by Agustín Tapia
  • AT10 Luxury GENIUS 12K 2024 by Agustin Tapia: The 12K will give you more control, which is ideal if you are a player who favors consistency on the court and are physically ready to handle a stiffer racket without difficulty. Price: 299,95 euros.
AT10 Luxury GENIUS 12K 2024 by Agustin Tapia
  • AT10 Luxury ATTACK 18K Alum 2024 by Agustin Tapia: A pala designed for players who love to attack and are eager to get to the net at the slightest opportunity. Although it is as stiff as the GENIUS 18K, its diamond shape and significantly higher balance make it a top choice for those looking for maximum power on the court. Price: 299,95 euros.
AT10 Luxury ATTACK 18K Alum 2024 by Agustin Tapia

Finally, you can also head to the AT GENIUS LTD Pack: The jewel of Agustín Tapia's 2024 palas collection which also includes an Agus t-shirt signed by the Mozart of Catamarca himself. Price: 399 euros.