Black Crown Padel et Eli Amatriain are back to give us the keys to progress mentally. The 10th player in the WPT rankings explains in detail today what motivation is.

Psychology student, Eli Amatriain had already explained to us the sandwich technique in psychology, bad days management, or how to face a rival pair that takes all their shots.


La extrinsic motivation comes from outside. In a match of padel, it can be linked to praise received after a match, or at prize money corresponding to victory.

La intrinsic motivation is born from the proper individual executives, team leaders and professionals. It generates pleasure to the individual simply by having this behavior.

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The reflection applicable to padel

“You have to understand that neither of these two motivations is better than the other. Both are needed, and each person tends to be more motivated by one than the other, ” details us Eli.

“In psychology, it is shown that the intrinsic motivation is related to perseverance. In the long run, it is easier to motivate yourself with something that gives pleasure to the individual. ”

Eli Amatriain therefore invites us to seek our motivation within us.

“It is very important to try to improve as a player. Intrinsic motivation will allow us to manage our frustrations. While the extrinsic motivation to win a match is not up to us. ”

The champion's advice

“To feel motivated, you have to change the “I must”, “I should”, by “I want” or “I would like”. It is lighter and is completely up to us, ” concludes Eli.

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