On a track of padel, We are talking about placement, effects, tactic game, but we talk less often about the action of our elbow. Today, let's put it up.

Quick reminder, place your elbow down in defense, and point it up in attack. So here we are at the net, and to do well and be even more effective, we are going to place the elbow in the best possible way.

For the volleys

During a volley, we seek control first. Our elbow should brush against our body during preparation to allow us to remain compact, then, depending on the volley we wish to perform, we will let this elbow move away from our body.

The best thing will be to raise the elbow so that it is above the level of the belt. We will have to pull it upwards to allow us to grow. This action, which perhaps seems innocuous, will add value to our volley, both forehand and backhand.

Close-to-body preparation, adjustment, elevation, striking.

Sanyo Gutiérrez forehand volley wpt 2022

For bandejas et viboras

In this case, it's slightly different. As much for a volley, we start with the elbow close to the body, as for these two styles of shots, it would be better to keep the elbow as far away from the body as possible, without exceeding the height of the shoulder.

For a bandeja, the hand will be further from the body than the elbow, and higher than the latter. For the vibora, elbow at the same height, but the hand will be closer to the body than the elbow. The important thing is really to raise your elbow very quickly, during preparation, to shoulder height. Then we adjust the position, then trigger the shot which can be at eye level or above.


For the smashes

Here it's different again. For a smash there may be several preparations. Either the arm will loop from behind like in a tennis serve, or you will prepare like a padelero by quickly raising the elbow behind you above the shoulder, the pala above the level of the elbow.

Then the time will come to adjust your position before launching the strike with the pala which will accelerate as it descends in the back before rising as high as possible above your head. The elbow will remain high.

Miguel Lamperti smash FIP Rise Cordoba 2023

Elbow action is important for more effective shots. Precise or aggressive volleys, bandejas et viboras, smashes... all these shots will be more effective if you make the effort to place your elbow correctly during preparation.

It is obvious that you can perform these different shots with your own technique, but when your level increases you will need more efficiency, you will realize it yourself. It will be time to work on the elbow position. Go!

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife (Spain). Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his tutorials and tactical/technical articles padel.