If you play padel regularly or in competition, you are certainly wondering what you should eat before a match.

The last meal before a game: several factors to take into account

The meal before a sports effort should not be taken lightly. Indeed, to give the best of yourself on the track, you need a lot of energy without feeling digestive discomfort.

We therefore advise you to finish your meal at least two or three hours before the start of a game. Then it is necessary select foods that are easy to digest, which will provide you with all the necessary nutrients during exertion. Thus, during the pre-match meal, it is preferable to avoid all fatty dishes but also foods very rich in fiber such as legumes for example.

Pasta, still popular among athletes

Because they are one important source of complex carbohydrates and proteins but also of micronutrients (magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, iron, and vitamins B1, B3 and B5), pasta has always been the ally of athletes. As you can imagine, they will be one of the essential foods of the pre-game meal. On the other hand, one can wonder if one should move towards complex pastes, richer in fibre, and therefore more difficult to digest, or pates blanches, which have the disadvantage of having a higher glycemic index, which can increase your chances of suffering from hypoglycemia? The answer may lie on the side of pasta semi-complete, which provide a good compromise.

Semi-complete Lazzaretti pasta available at Greenweez

In addition, it will be advisable to eat pasta "al dente". Indeed, the more the pasta is cooked, the higher it has a glycemic index. We can add a little butter or oil to them and pair them with white meat or fish such as mackerel, which will provide you with the proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles.

Control your diet a few days before the competition

The pre-match meal alone is not synonymous with performance. Indeed, it is important to have already built up good carbohydrate reserves before D-Day. It is therefore necessary to consume complex carbohydrates in sufficient quantity the days preceding the competition and this particularly the day before.

Pasta is obviously not the only interesting source of complex carbohydrates. Rice, quinoa, bulgur, buckwheat or sweet potato are also very interesting foods for this pre-competition period.

In general, favor organic and homemade foods, which will be richer in antioxidants. Our partner Greenweez has a very wide range of organic and eco-responsible products to better manage your pre-competition. From artisanal semi-complete pasta to sweet potato gnocchi, brown Camargue rice and mackerel fillets, you will find everything you need in the department. salty groceries.

Have good daily habits

Food is essential for athletes, since it must provide them with all the nutrients that will allow them to train while remaining healthy. If you are a regular athlete, you understand that you must have a high intake of complex carbohydrates in particular, in order to allow you to progress in the long term.

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