Today is the start of the first tournament of World Padel Tour of 2021: the Adeslas Madrid Open, with in particular several French people competing in the preprevias !

We are impatiently awaiting the debut of the new pairs!

After more than 4 months of interruption, the World Padel Tour resumes its rights today, to the delight of fans! If we will have to wait until Friday and the quarter-finals to enjoy the matches live, from Wednesday we will be able to see images of the first tournament of 2021 with the summaries of the round of XNUMX.

We are obviously looking forward to the official debut of the many new pairs. who will make up the WPT this season. Among the men, we of course think of Belasteguin / Gutierrez, Lima / Tapia, Navarro / Di Nenno, but also of Stupaczuk / Ruiz, Allemandi / Sanchez or even Juan Martin Diaz / Coki Nieto!

Belasteguin and Gutierrez WPT 2021

Among the girls, there will also be some very interesting new pairs., Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay in the lead. You should also be wary of Sainz / Gonzalez, Josemaria / Sanchez, but also of Araujo / Amatriain and Llaguno / Riera. In short, we can't wait for it to start!

Start of preprevias this Sunday

In the meantime, it is the qualifying phase that is being played out, with the start of the men's preprevias phase from today. For the French, it starts this morning at 10h30 by the explosive encounter between Johan Bergeron (121nd) / Robin Haziza (241st) and Xavi De Benito (294th) / Víctor Saenz De Navarrete (135th)!

Then we will have Bastien Blanqué (120st) and  Borja Yribarren (113th) who will be opposed to 12h30 à Marc Pou Serra (241st) and Carlos Mora Iscar (169th), a really tough match to start the tournament!

bastien blanqué babolat padel 2020

The teams that win their matches this morning will play their second round of the preprevias tonight. They will join Benjamin Tison (106th) and Teo Zapata (88th), seeded number 7, who start their tournament at 19h30 against the pair who won the duel between Iker Del Valle Gonzalez (158th) / Enrique Goenaga Garcia (166th) and Pablo Valín Fernández (183rd) / Daniel Avilés Cayuela (197th).

We wish the French good luck and we will obviously keep you informed of the results!

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