Le World Padel Tour (WPT) 2021 is coming epic ! 18 stages spread over 9 months of competition, with six host countries including the Portugal.

The WPT will kick off its 2021 season with the Madrid Open with 9 Portuguese in the running, some of whom will be at work on Sunday! Here is the program for Portuguese players.

The male table

The first in line, in pre-previa of this Madrid Open 2021 will be Vasco Pascoal et Miguel Deus who will play Sunday at 10:30 am against an Argentinian-Spanish pair: Frederico Mourino and Raul Lopez.

An hour later, Miguel's brother, Nuno, will enter the court accompanied by the experienced Guillermo Casal, a player who has managed to make it to the final table of a WPT once. They will face the Spaniards Adria Mercadal and Jesus Bohorquez, familiar with this kind of matches.

Finally, still for men, the national champion of portugal, Diogo Rocha, will debut Sunday at 17 p.m. He will go directly to the second round of the pre-previas with the Catalan Javier Redondo. Their opponents will not be known until after the morning matches.

The female table

In the ladies, Margarida Fernandes et Patricia Ribeiro will compete again together on the WPT. The 100% Lusitanian pair will face in the first round of pre-previa, from 13pm, the Italians Carlotta Vannicelli and Carolina Gallorini.

They will be followed one hour later by Catarina Vilela and his Mexican partner Ana Maria Cabrejas Ruiz. Two Spaniards will stand in front of them.

On the side of the female seeds, Sofia Araujo, 2020 revelation on the WPT, will make his debut alongside Eli Amatriain on Wednesday! Ana Catarina Nogueira will also start her tournament on Wednesday with her new partner, Teresa Navarro.

Portugal padel mijas Nogueira joy

For Sofia and Eli, it will be from 15 p.m., against Spain's Anna Cortiles and Ana Fernandez Fuentes. They will logically be favorites for their first official match together.

As for Ana and Teresa, they will play after Sofia, at 16 p.m., against a qualified pair of previas!

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