The two countries that dominate the padel international have always had no intention of slowing down during the 2024 Veteran Worlds.

For this competition which will take place in La Nucia, in the Alicante region, and which records record participation, Argentina and Spain decided to send very heavy equipment.

On the Albiceleste side, we had already announced the color with selectors among the best in the world, Gaby Reca for the men and Rodri Ovide for the women. And the two coaches also chose very, very high level players.

We find former real stars of the padel world, like Juani Mieres, Roby Gattiker, Cristian Gutiérrez, Gaston Malacalza, Hernan Auguste and Fernando Poggi for the men and Valeria Pavon, Paula Eyheraguibel and Cata Tenorio for the ladies! Agustin Gomez Silingo, still a player in Premier Padel, will also be there!

To try to counter the plans of an Argentina which appears on paper to be the favorite among the men, Spain coached by Juanjo Gutierrez will also be able to count on very good players like Aday Santana, Victor Sanchez, Enric Sanmarti, Javi Limones, Paulo Semprun…

Among the girls, we find very heavy with Isabel Dominguez, Vanessa Alonso, Eva Gayoso, Cristina Gomis and Iciar Montes who will be player coach. This is promising!

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