Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez left no room for doubt in the final of the World Padel Tour Mexican Open against Tamara Icardo and Virginia Riera.

In this meeting between Spanish-Argentinian pairs, we were hoping for a nice clash between pairs 3 and 5 in the Race but it did not really happen. Indeed, Icardo and Riera, who were playing their third final of the season, were not able to worry the favorites of the match and win their first title of the year.

It must be said that they were facing a pair who only left one set going this week (against Osoro / Castello in the quarter), and who showed that they were evolving a notch above this Sunday, as evidenced by this flawless victory: 6/4 6/2. A fairly clear gap in the end between two pairs rather close in the ranking but with a real difference: one won their sixth title of the season in Mexico, while the other has not lifted a single trophy in 2023...

This title further validates the very good season of Delfi and Bea, who will now try to take advantage of their confidence built up in Mexico to try to win the Master Final. Will they be able to achieve it? Answer in a little over two weeks at Palau Sant Jordi!

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