Something promised, something due. François San Miguel tells us the best anecdotes that happened to him with his partner André Gaubert!

François San Miguel and André Gaubert are men of their word, they promised us anecdotes, here are three that are worth seeing!

Anecdote number 1

“At the World Championships in Madrid, we find ourselves at the inauguration by the King of Spain Felipe, who at the time was not yet king. I innocently approached him to speak to him, I should perhaps not have ... In less than a second I found myself surrounded by bodyguards, revolver in hand. I thought I was in the film Bodyguard… In the end I was able to chat a little with him, he was very nice. But at the time I really freaked out! ”

Anecdote number 2

“During the Place du Capitole tournament in Toulouse, we led 3/0 against Guterriez. Then he woke up: we lost 6/3 6/0… ”

Anecdote number 3

“In what was the equivalent of a Challenger tournament in Barcelona, ​​we had a big game in 1/8 of
final against two Madrilenians. We were playing outside, we spent the match making candles, we literally made them break out. We ended up winning after 3h30 of play! They were crazy, they called us all the names, but it didn't matter, we were happy to have won! ”

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