It was time for us to look even more closely at the fashionable brand in the south of the country: The NEXXO brand.

We already hadan article on the NEXXO case, but this time, let's get to the heart of the matter with n ° 194 in World Padel Tour, WinWin coach Padel in Cabriès, winners of many French tournaments and ambassador of the brand in France: José Luis SALINES.

can-do you resituate the brand?

Nexxo is a young Spanish brand created by Mr. Chema Calvo, located in Castellon de Plana, a town located in the province of Castellon in the Valencian community.

Chema Calvo is a friend that I have known since the time we played tennis together… He decided to create his own brand of padel and I naturally followed him.

The differences with other brands?

NEXXO rackets stand out for their beautiful finishes and above all affordable prices. Exit the exorbitant prices of other Spanish brands such as Siux, Orygen, Akkeron, Vibor-A…

On the textile side, we find traditional t-shirts and technical polo shirts with a beautiful quality of fabric with choice in color and designs that are out of the ordinary.

French players are already playing with this brand...

At the Mas club in Perpignan, players particularly appreciate the brand.

Frederic Tap, player-coach and co-manager of the Mas Tennis club in Perpignan was won over by this brand by opting for the Nexxo Bee model. Fred has extensive experience in the world of padel.

Erwan Nicol, player known to the French public for having reached 5th place in the French championships of padel also opted for the Nexxo Bee model. He is one of the top French players.

We finally have one of the best French player, Laurent Boulade who plays with NEXXO and who is one of our great ambassadors of the brand.

A word about snowshoes ...

The Nexxo brand marketed five models of rackets: the Flame and the Bee, two older models and more recently the Etna, the Cosmos 2.0 which replaced the first edition Cosmos as well as the Cup.

Nevertheless, the Flame and the Bee will not be distributed soon because they are old models. These models are going to disappear in favor of the new ones.

Etna is a competition racket, very light and handy but also very rigid. It is very easy to play and very accessible even for less technical players.

Two new models will soon be released: a women's racket (whose name is currently unknown) and Hyra.

The Hyra is a competitive racket like Etna but more control oriented.

Etna is therefore the power-oriented model.

Frédéric Tap and Erwan Nicol give us their opinion on NEXXO gear

Fréderic : When Chelma and Jose Luis invited me to be part of the Nexxo team, I immediately joined the project after having tested the different racquet models on offer. The Bee brought me lightness mainly and therefore greater maneuverability to allow me to accentuate the effects put in my balls.

Erwan : Like Frédéric, the project immediately attracted me and as a student of José Luis, I followed him in the team with great pleasure. I was having a recurring breakage problem with other brands. I even managed to break three rackets during the same tournament even though I have never broken a Nexxo racket in the middle of a game since. Snowshoes are very durable in addition to having a really interesting design and being light, manoeuvrable and lively. They really match my style of play.

Interview by Alban Serra


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